Friday, June 6, 2014

DIY Newborn Stand

I'm expecting my 3rd baby boy this September and wanted to make a newborn stand for his newborn photos. I've made the backdrop stands with PVC pipes but I've been wanting to make the one that goes around the beanbag so the blanket will look smoother... 

First I measured my beanbag and added a few inches to the top and more on sides. My bean bag is approx 15" high and 26" squared. 


3/4" PVC pipes:

7 - 43 inches 
4 - 19 inches
2 - 24 inches

PVC cutter
(or have someone cut it for you at your hardware store) 
Measure tape
Notepad & pen

PVC connectors:

4 - 3way (ordered online on eBay)
4 - Elbows 
2 - T


Measure PVC pipes
(I had to write mine down) 
Cut your PVC pipes 

ASSEMBLE. Really, that's it. Haha
I don't glue it because I need to break it down for storage or travel to a client's house.

I'm a visual person so this helps me...

You can get the clips from the hardware store too.

Scout is my model :)