Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DIY Triangle Bunting from 12x12 Scrapbook Paper

My baby is 11 months which means his first birthday is right around the corner! Where did the time go? 

I'm getting ready for his first birthday cake smash photo shoot, and I want it simple. I love what the triangle bunting adds as a backdrop.... plus it's soooo easy to make. 
I was so excited to find this tutorial on Pinterest awhile ago and have already made some. The buntings are two-sided on her tutorial but since I'm not going to need double sided bunting this time, I made it slightly different. 

Update: I make all my bunting 4.5 inches now (instead of 5). I like the size better and you don't end up with a smaller set of bunting.

Each bunting is 5 4.5 inches wide & 6 inches long and you will have two 4.5 inch wide triangles from each 12x12 sheet (I'll use for another project) 

Sorry for the crappy iPhone photos. I was in the dark using a small lamp. >_<

  • 12x12 scrapbook paper
  • String or yarn (something to hold the bunting)
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Hole puncher


Here are the papers I've decided to use

1) On the back of the paper, mark 5 inches 4.5 (this is much better, I think) from one edge with your pencil and another 5 4.5  inches from that mark (you should have 2 inches left).

2) Do the same on the opposite side. Make sure you start on the same side (edge).

3) Draw your lines (the two triangles on the left are the smaller ones 4.5 inches). I also drew a line in the middle. 

4) Cut your paper in half (original tutorial doesn't do this because they fold the triangles in half so you have patterns on both side). You can use a scissors but I'm terrible at cutting straight so I used a paper cutter. 

5) Cut along the lines. Each 12x12 sheet will make six eight 5 4.5 inch wide triangles and two 4.5 inch triangles. 

6) Punch holes on each outer top corner of triangle for threading the yarn/string through. You can use a hole puncher but I used my Crop-A-Dile. 

7) Lay the triangles down (you could probably skip this step but knowing me, I would miss a pattern if I don't have them already in the order I want them).

8) Thread the yarn/string through holes. Had these Dollar Tree twine (3/$1!) laying around. 

Simple??? I thought so!

Update: the smaller size buntings look just as good and you get more out of your 12x12 paper!

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Monday, December 30, 2013

DIY newborn cheesecloth wrap

When I started doing newborn photography, I knew eventually I wanted those cute newborn wraps. I started looking around and boy, they cost a lot more than I wanted to spend especially since I wanted multiple colors!

The original tutorial I found is no longer available so I'm just going to have to remember what I did before. 


• Cheesecloth
• Rit Dye Powder
• Scissors
• Stirring Stick (I used chopsticks) 


1) Cut the cheesecloth 4 feet long (last 2 ended up being 3.5 ft)

2) Fill bucket or bowl with hot water. I used my pot. 

3) Mix dye (I started with Grey) with 2 cups hot water 

4) Pour dye into pot of water

5) Put cheesecloth in (I put 2)

6) Set timer for 30 minutes and stir often in that time period. The cheesecloth is very thin so you really only need to soak it for a few minutes depending how light or dark you want it. (I dipped the light green one in for less than 1 minute)

7) Rinse in warm water, then cool water until water runs clear. Wash with warm water and mild detergent. 

8) Hang dry (see a pink one? Funny I decided to use the neon food coloring and it worked just fine!)

These are fairly cheap and easy to make!

Cheesecloth - $6 for 6 yards at Walmart
Rit Dye - $2 for a box at Michael's

For less than $10, you get about 5 wraps!

I had one left and decided to use my food coloring (neon purple) which turned out pink but that's okay too. 

This photo was taken using a different batch of cheesecloth I made almost a year ago!

Have fun and experiment! 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

DIY Picture Canvas

I'm really bad at printing my photos & displaying them! So I wanted to try the DIY picture canvas I've seen all over Pinterest & after looking at SO MANY tutorials, I finally decided to give it a shot!


• 16x20 Photo ($5.99)
• 16x20 Canvas ($5 on sale at JoAnns)
• Bottle of Matte Modge Podge ($5 w/ 50% coupon @ Michaels)
• Large Sponge Brush (<$1) - for applying Modge Podge
• Small Sponge Brush (<$1) - for applying paint
• Acrylic Paint (<$1) - pic shows 3 colors but I decided to use black 
• X-acto Knife
• Hanging Supplies (it's light so use what you like. I had hooks/wires $1)

Total Cost: about $15


1) Apply Modge Podge using large brush all over the canvas (I used newspaper underneath to protect my table). 

2) Place photo on canvas. Position it in center as much as possible. 

3) Let dry for 15 mins & turn it upside down & trim the photo using an X-acto  knife. Remember to use a Matt underneath to protect the surface. 

4) Apply a thin layer of Modge Podge over the photo in one direction using stroking motion (It creates a textured look). The photo will look milky and white but don't worry, it'll dry clear. 

5) After it dries (no more milky glue) Apply another thin layer in the other direction. If you applied the first layer from left to right. Go up and down this time. 

6) Apply black paint to the sides of canvas using the small sponge brush. I did a horrible job of trimming it so I brought the black up over the front edge for an artistic look (really to cover my flaws!) 

7) After it dries completely, screw on eyelets about 1/3 way down from top, add wires & hang!

This photo was taken at Wright's Beach in the California Sonoma Coast Campgrounds - our favorite place to camp every year! Our friend Mark helped take this photo. Thanks Mark!

Friday, December 20, 2013

DIY Chalkboard Frame

Last week I made this chalkboard using a 8x10 frame I bought at the Dollar Tree & a can of chalkboard spray paint. There's so many ways you can make this. If you are making it for a child, you probably want to use plastic or wood (other than glass!). I needed one right away so my frame isn't what I really want. I'll be in a lookout for a prettier frame!

It was fairly simple...


8x10 Frame (Dollar Tree- $1)
Chalkboard Spraypaint ($4) - Rust-Oleum Brand
Chalk ($0.50) - Not shown in picture

Sorry I don't have step by step photos with the below instructions. I didn't take pictures because I was rushing to get it done before picking up my babies. It's pretty straight forward though. Feel free to ask me any questions!

Step 1: Remove glass and clean with soap & water. Dry thoroughly. 

Step 2: Lay newspaper (or whatever you want) on floor in a well ventilated area. Place cleaned glass on top. 

Step 3: Flowing instructions on spray paint, shake can vigoursly & apply 2 coats waiting for it to dry in between.

I waited 24 hours for it to dry completely.

Step 4: Prime glass by rubbing side of chalk all over & erase. 

Step 5: Replace glass in frame & you're done!

Monday, December 16, 2013

DIY Play tent

Hi! Here's a quick tutorial on a DIY play tent I made as a photography prop. I followed the tutorial I found on Pinterest here. Just a few tweaks....

My boys enjoying the tent:
2 - 1x2x8 wood, cut in half (4 pieces, 48" each) $6
1 - 3/4", 48" (4ft) wooden dowel $3
3 yards of fabric (on sale at JoAnns for $2.49/yard! total $8)
ribbon (I had some laying around)
drill & bit (3/4")
 Here's my 2 pieces of wood cut in half (nice employee at Home Depot did it for me) & my wooden dowel.
 I marked BOTH sides at 2 inches from the edge (I later changed my mind for one side which would be the top of the tent & marked it down to 3 inches before drilling - I may mark it at 4 inches on my next one for the look I want to achieve)

 I went to the store and purchased a 3/4" drill bit since my husband said we didn't have one. It was about $2. I was going to wait for my husband to do this part for me but as I am very impatient and hubby doesn't get home from work until it's dark... I decided I can do this myself between getting off work & picking up my boys. It wasn't hard. I was just being lazy lol

Slide wooden dowel into holes on top. I used this as a photography prop so I didn't buy the additional 2 wooden dowels for the bottom of the holes. If this were for my boys, I'd probably add the 2 at the bottom for extra stability.

Here's the fabric I purchased at JoAnns. You can choose to use flat sheets... whatever you please. I definitely don't have any sheets with patterns or even color I like! I wanted a plain ribbon but this was all I could find that kinda matched! You'll need 4 strips.

I don't have a picture here but I sewed the ends of the fabric after draping it over the tent frame to figure out the length of the fabric needed. Using a pin, I mark where I want to sew (don't forget you'll need about 1/2-1" of seam allowance on each end). The width of the fabric was the right measurement for the tent so I didn't make any cuts or hem those edges.
Sew the Ribbons on the 4 corners and use these to slip through the holes on the bottom of the legs and tie. If you choose to use wooden dowels down there too, just tie it to the frame.

I think it would look better if I add more ribbons to tie halfway up the legs of the tent so the fabric isn't as droopy. The arrow pointing to the bottom just shows you where you would tie the ribbons you sewed on to the fabric (through the bottom holes). I would have liked to have the top of the tent stick out a little more so this is where I will measure 4 inches from the edge (instead of 3) - just for the top though. I had a little fabric left over so I made a little pillow case!
Tent used during a family photo session. Their kids loved it!

They were so easy and fun to make!
Thank you!