Saturday, January 18, 2014

DIY Cake Stand

I needed a cake stand so I started searching online. I was really surprised at how much it cost! I'm frugal. Cheap if you want to call it that but I just don't want to spend $50 ish on a plain white cake stand.

When I did a search on Pinterest, there were so many projects out there using candle holders and plates, glued with E6000 or GOOP. The problem is it's either glass or ceramic and although that's great, I needed something less likely to break. I plan to use it for my one year old Cake Smash Sessions. 

I was browsing in Target and my wonderful husband saw a cake stand clearanced for $7 and called me over to look at it (yes, we are always browsing in different parts of the store). When I got there I saw all these other plates and bowls for even cheaper! Since my plan was to make them, it was perfect! Each plate (Salad size) & bowl was under $2! Did I mention they were plastic? Perfect!

I decided to go with a glue gun because the plates/bowls are light weight and I don't plan on heavy use. These will be hand washed anyway. 


Matching plate & bowl (base)
Glue gun


1) Wash plates & bowls and dry

2) You can choose to mark the center of the back of the plate (I didn't because I was in a rush)

3) Apply hot glue to the bottom of the bowl (quickly before it dries) & place it on the center of the back of the plate. 

That's it! Simple as 1, 2, 3! For less than $10, I made 4 cake stands!!!!!


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Kissing Booth Prop

Happy New Year! ... And I'm already frantically calling around to see if the stores stocked their shelves with Valentines decor! 

When I originally thought about making the booth, I had planned to make a bigger one using pallets and cutting wood, nails, glue etc. but I decided to work with what I have because this is probably going to be temporary and disposable. 


Wooden Crate - from the craft store. I already had one that my husband stained for me. 

White Foam Board - Dollar Tree

Packing Tape

Box Cutter

Red Marker

Valentine decorations 


1) Measure two 2" strips the long ways of the foam board 

2) Cut out the pieces. I did not cut so straight but planned on wrapping decorations over it later anyway. 

See? Not so straight!

3) Cut the desired size for your sign

4) Stand crate on its side and stick the 2 inch pieces in

5) Put the sign above it and mark the back (just so you know where to tape the sign)

6) Lay the sign down and lay the 2 inch pieces on top lining it up to your markings. Tape it. I chose to use tape because foam boards are so light that you don't really need strong adhesive. 

7) I used a pen (in red) first to write my letters and then used my son's red marker to color it in. 

8) I purchased these in red & purple. I wrapped the 2 inch pieces with them. 

The garlands, felt hearts, bubblegum dispensers and candies were all from the Dollar Tree. This is why it being "disposal" is okay with me. 
Here's my lil munchkin:

Update: added more decorations and the 5 cent sign (paper cut out taped to foam hearts)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

DIY Onesie Suspenders

I love holidays, any holiday!... Okay wait, does Valentine's Day count?? Haha

I'm getting ready for a Valentine's mini session and since my boys are always my first models, I needed an outfit. Unfortunately we've all caught a bug over the holidays and I'm not in the mood to go shopping. 

I saw & pinned several projects for onesies and thought I'm pretty sure I have all the supplies for a suspender onesie. 


Plain white onesie
Ribbon for suspenders
Ribbon for bow tie (you can use the same ribbon so it matches) I had to use yarn
Sewing Machine & coordinating thread
2 D rings (optional)
Safety pin


Measure and cut the ribbon from under the flaps of onsie near neck to bottom of onesie. 

Pin it and sew ribbon to onesie. 

Fold ribbon under and sew along edges. I ended up only seeing the top and bottom (and not along the length of ribbon) I also decided not to use D rings because the ones I had were too heavy duty for a baby.  

Sew edges of small ribbon (bow)

Wrap a smaller piece of ribbon in the middle to pick (I ran out! So I used grey yarn) Make sure the seam is in the middle. 

Slip a safety pin on the back side (do not leave bow on baby while playing) I'm using this as a photo prob. You might want to sew it to onesie for safety. I wanted mine detachable. (You can use Velcro too)

 Attach to onesie. Isn't that cute? Took like 5 minutes!

In this photo I crocheted a red bow and attached it using a safety pin (and that's why it had to be detachable!)