Saturday, January 18, 2014

DIY Cake Stand

I needed a cake stand so I started searching online. I was really surprised at how much it cost! I'm frugal. Cheap if you want to call it that but I just don't want to spend $50 ish on a plain white cake stand.

When I did a search on Pinterest, there were so many projects out there using candle holders and plates, glued with E6000 or GOOP. The problem is it's either glass or ceramic and although that's great, I needed something less likely to break. I plan to use it for my one year old Cake Smash Sessions. 

I was browsing in Target and my wonderful husband saw a cake stand clearanced for $7 and called me over to look at it (yes, we are always browsing in different parts of the store). When I got there I saw all these other plates and bowls for even cheaper! Since my plan was to make them, it was perfect! Each plate (Salad size) & bowl was under $2! Did I mention they were plastic? Perfect!

I decided to go with a glue gun because the plates/bowls are light weight and I don't plan on heavy use. These will be hand washed anyway. 


Matching plate & bowl (base)
Glue gun


1) Wash plates & bowls and dry

2) You can choose to mark the center of the back of the plate (I didn't because I was in a rush)

3) Apply hot glue to the bottom of the bowl (quickly before it dries) & place it on the center of the back of the plate. 

That's it! Simple as 1, 2, 3! For less than $10, I made 4 cake stands!!!!!


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