Wednesday, May 4, 2016

"I Can't Adult" Mug

I made this for a co-worker as a birthday gift from our unit. I recall mentioning the funny quote to her once and she thought it was so funny so I thought she might appreciate it :)

Most days I feel like this.... ha-ha

For instructions on how I made this, check out the DIY Crochet Humor Mug tutorial I provide for another mug I made.

Teacher Appreciation Mug

Last year, my boys were in preschool and I crocheted little cup cozies for a Starbucks cup. In the cup were fillers and gift cards.

This year, my oldest is in Kindergarten and I decided to make a cup using my Cricut for his teacher. He's on a track system at school so he's actually off track right now but I'll be dropping off the gift.

I used permanent vinyl I purchased from Amazon. I saw this cute quote on Pinterest: "Teaching tiny humans is exhausting" and the font had little hearts to dot the "i" so I knew that's what I wanted. I searched for the font online. 

Update: I was later contacted by Wee Structed and apparently, this was originated from them. They have such cute products like this!

If you're interested in the process, please see my DIY Crochet Humor Mug post.