Friday, December 20, 2013

DIY Chalkboard Frame

Last week I made this chalkboard using a 8x10 frame I bought at the Dollar Tree & a can of chalkboard spray paint. There's so many ways you can make this. If you are making it for a child, you probably want to use plastic or wood (other than glass!). I needed one right away so my frame isn't what I really want. I'll be in a lookout for a prettier frame!

It was fairly simple...


8x10 Frame (Dollar Tree- $1)
Chalkboard Spraypaint ($4) - Rust-Oleum Brand
Chalk ($0.50) - Not shown in picture

Sorry I don't have step by step photos with the below instructions. I didn't take pictures because I was rushing to get it done before picking up my babies. It's pretty straight forward though. Feel free to ask me any questions!

Step 1: Remove glass and clean with soap & water. Dry thoroughly. 

Step 2: Lay newspaper (or whatever you want) on floor in a well ventilated area. Place cleaned glass on top. 

Step 3: Flowing instructions on spray paint, shake can vigoursly & apply 2 coats waiting for it to dry in between.

I waited 24 hours for it to dry completely.

Step 4: Prime glass by rubbing side of chalk all over & erase. 

Step 5: Replace glass in frame & you're done!

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