Monday, December 30, 2013

DIY newborn cheesecloth wrap

When I started doing newborn photography, I knew eventually I wanted those cute newborn wraps. I started looking around and boy, they cost a lot more than I wanted to spend especially since I wanted multiple colors!

The original tutorial I found is no longer available so I'm just going to have to remember what I did before. 


• Cheesecloth
• Rit Dye Powder
• Scissors
• Stirring Stick (I used chopsticks) 


1) Cut the cheesecloth 4 feet long (last 2 ended up being 3.5 ft)

2) Fill bucket or bowl with hot water. I used my pot. 

3) Mix dye (I started with Grey) with 2 cups hot water 

4) Pour dye into pot of water

5) Put cheesecloth in (I put 2)

6) Set timer for 30 minutes and stir often in that time period. The cheesecloth is very thin so you really only need to soak it for a few minutes depending how light or dark you want it. (I dipped the light green one in for less than 1 minute)

7) Rinse in warm water, then cool water until water runs clear. Wash with warm water and mild detergent. 

8) Hang dry (see a pink one? Funny I decided to use the neon food coloring and it worked just fine!)

These are fairly cheap and easy to make!

Cheesecloth - $6 for 6 yards at Walmart
Rit Dye - $2 for a box at Michael's

For less than $10, you get about 5 wraps!

I had one left and decided to use my food coloring (neon purple) which turned out pink but that's okay too. 

This photo was taken using a different batch of cheesecloth I made almost a year ago!

Have fun and experiment! 


  1. Awesome tutorial!!! Worked perfectly for me last night and I plan on using these bad boys today! So excited, thank you!

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