Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tissue Paper Tassles

I don't know why I haven't been making these all this time! They're so easy and you don't need a lot of paper! Have you ever tried to make those paper balls or flowers that uses tons of tissue paper???? 

I'm making these for my son's first birthday cake smash and for July 4th!

Since July fourth is around the corner, I'll start with that....


Tissue paper (1 makes 4 tassels)


I'm a visual person. Sometimes I don't understand directions until I see it myself.

So, if you lay the tissue paper with the creases running across, fold in half (down) once. (Update: it actually doesn't matter how you fold it. It all depends on your paper size. Just make sure that each one you make is folded in the same way so they are the same length)

To make it faster, I did TWO sheets at once.

Next, Fold from left to right...

Then one more time...

(Update: Before cutting, I found that if I unfold it and cut the pieces into 4's first, it's much easier. Do what works for you!)
Now, cut from the bottom up leaving about 2 inches of space (do not cut through).

Start unfolding it once... & cut 

The right side will be 2 pieces. You'll have to unfold the left side one once more time & cut. This will give you the 4 pieces.

Open one piece and start rolling... my little man loves to help. (instead of "rolling" it, I just kept folding it in half, then half again... repeat. It was easier than rolling.)

Twist and glue (I didn't glue because I was too lazy and always rushing to beat time)

So Easy!

I only used 1 tissue paper each color and got a total of 12 tassels. 
The red tissue paper has glitter in it. Cute huh!?
I hung it with some twine...

His Stars & Stripes Crochet Hat didn't turn out the way I envisioned it.

Here is my baby's Cake Smash session. I used 3 different colors. If you're interested in a crochet hat pattern, go check out the free Crochet Newsboy Hat Pattern!

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