Friday, January 29, 2016

DIY Shirt with Cricut Explore

I've been on a mission to clean up my craft room. I purchased a Cricut Explore Air for my birthday back in September and I haven't been able to use it. It sat under my computer desk (in the family room) where my youngest can reach. I've tried and it's like some magical call for him to come running over and just touch everything.

I'm excited to post some photos of my craft room once i'm done. For now, I was able to make enough room for the machine to make a shirt for my son's 3rd birthday. He's 3 tomorrow. The saying "time flies..." really hits me whenever one of my kids have a birthday. You start to look back at the previous year and wonder how you got here so soon.

It was late at night and all the kids just went to bed. I didn't re plan making this. I found a white T shirt I bought (god knows when and why). I knew I had blue vinyl too so I went to work! Since i've only used it with my computer, I thought it would be a challenge to do it on my iPhone but it was sooooo easy to set up! I already created the file in Photoshop and uploaded the files to Design Space on my desktop so all I had to do was open the app and set it up and cut! LOVE LOVE LOVE! 

He always has this squinty fake smile haha!

I sent him to preschool in his new shirt. Last night, I made these little treat bags for his friends at school... I didn't want to bake so this seemed easy enough. I had to go on my lunch break to go buy the cookies from the store! I know, so last minute!

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