Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DIY Cloth Napkins

So I decided to make my kitchen blog look better. This means using my DSLR instead of my iPhone. When I started to stage my plate, I realized I have no pretty napkins or interesting utensils. I can't do anything about my utensils... Yet but I have plenty of scrap fabric for napkins!


Scissors/fabric cutter
Sewing machine
Chopstick or stick

I have a few Fat Quarters of fabric laying around & some other scrap fabrics. 

I don't really care what size the napkins are so I didn't measure exactly. I just cut straight lines so that I get a square or a rectangle. 

I decided to use the same fabric for both sides. 


Cut fabric to the size you want. 18x11 is what you'll get from a fat quarter piece if folded in half. 

Place fabric wrong side out. Sew along edges leaving a quarter inch allowance leaving 3-4 inches to flip inside out. 

Cut all four corners. 

Turn inside out with right side fabric outside. Use chopstick to push corners out. 

Sew the opening shut and along all edges. 

I had time to make 3... then the baby woke up :)

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