Thursday, October 23, 2014

DIY Candy Corn Costume

I wanted to make something easy for my boys. I found this on So You Think You're Crafty. Looks easy enough. At least that's what I thought! I didn't buy the felt by the yard. I figured the rectangle craft pieces would be enough... it wasn't. At least not for my 4 year old.

If you are OCD like me, you might want to LOOK at a candy corn first. I followed the tutorial only to find out the colors orange and yellow are switched. It should be white, orange, then yellow. I realized this after I put on the crochet candy corn hat (which I crocheted while looking at an actual candy corn last year). I tried to look for more felt to redo it but it's October and all the craft stores were out of orange felt! So I left it alone... Plus, it's only a costume (trying to calm the OCD side of me). 


Felt in white, orange & yellow
Sewing Machine/Thread
Child's shirt/dress as a template


I sewed the 3 pieces together (white on top, Yellow then orange) like the candy corn. The orange should be in the middle. You need 2 pieces. 

Trace your child's clothing and pin. As you can see, these were too small for me to flare out the pieces like a dress.

I actually cut a slit in the back right up the middle so that it will fit better. I'll need bigger pieces for my 4 year old. This was big enough for a 20 month old.

For my 4 year old, I made it with 2 pieces of each color for the front AND back so I used a total of 4 pieces each color.  When I traced his shirt, I flared the bottom in order to make it easier to slip on. It looks like a dress but if you look at a candy corn, the bottom is wider too ;)

And here they are out on Halloween night! It was a little wet but at least not raining at that time! 

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