Monday, November 10, 2014

Felt Poinsettia Napkin Ring

It's not even Thanksgiving yet and I'm thinking Christmas already. In fact, I've been thinking Christmas since before Halloween *sigh*.

I plan to make all sorts of different napkin rings but I wanted to start with something simple. When I think of Christmas, I think snowflakes, snowmen, etc... but one look of a Poinsettia flower and it feels like Christmas. :)


Felt (Green & Red)
Beads (3)
Toilet Paper Roll


Cut the paper roll. I cut mine into 4 pieces. If you want 4 bigger pieces, try using a paper towel roll.

Cut enough felt long enough to cover the roll and wide enough to fold over on the inside. 

Glue the felt to the paper roll.

Now, I've tried this different ways....

First, I tried using craft glue (Martha Stewart). It was more wet than I wanted and needed to be held down for a few seconds for it to stay.

Next I tried the glue gun. I liked this better but I also kept gluing my fingers (ouch!). For the remaining pieces, I used the glue gun.

I found that if you cut slits on the felt & glue it in sections, it works out better... it also made the inside neater and smoother.

Cut 10 pieces of felt in red. I folded my felt piece & cut them out in layers of 4...this will ensure that all pieces were the same size.

Glue 5 together (like a star) first.
Put some glue on the next 5 and pinch one end.

Glue these on top of the first set (star). Glue the 3 Beads on top.

Apply glue to the seam of the ring and glue the flower on top. 

Easy? Not too bad! Like the Cloth Napkins? You can do it yourself! Check it out here.

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