Monday, November 17, 2014

DIY Newborn Tieback Props

Have you seen those cute little headbands on newborn photos? I just love them especially the simple ones. The more I looked at photos of them, the more I realized that I can do it myself! I did a quick search on etsy and they range anywhere from $6-$20. I can understand it being $6 but $20 is a bit much since it really is easy to make yourself. I understand that not everyone wants to make things.. There are some things I rather buy too! 

Anyway, I always wanted a girl but ended up with 3 boys! Unfortunately I will never have a baby girl to make props for but that's okay, I will have plenty of baby girls in the studio ^_^.

A friend of mine in New York is due in January and she's planning to have her daughter's photos taken.. unfortunately she had to settle for a mini session which does not include props due to her budget. I don't blame her. She just got married! We all know how much that can set us back!

I wanted to make her a few tiebacks for her baby's photos. 

For this one. I saw the tutorial here. It's pretty simple. 

1. Cut 2 rectangles of fabric and fray edges.
2. Tie the layered bow in the middle with yarn.
2. Tie another piece of yarn (about 24 inches) onto the back of the bow.

This cute little bow is made using Mohair yarn. 

1. Make the bow by wrapping yarn around your fingers and using a short piece of yarn, tie the middle (tying it while it's still on your fingers is easier).

2. For the headband, I crocheted by chaining until I got to the length of about 24 inches. 

3. Tie the bow to the crocheted piece.

You can also use 3 pieces of yarn and braid it if you don't have crochet hooks. Another option is to just twist a couple of strands together. There's so much you can do...

This one is even simpler. 

1. Cut a piece of fabric (loose knits) and fray the edges.

2. Glue a bead in the center.

3. Glue the yarn in the back.

I made a tiny little flower rosette and glued a bead to it. Then I glued the rosette to the headband. Check out my Updated Lamp Shades where I attached pretty fabric rosettes to the shades!

I actually crocheted this little flower. Sorry I don't have a tutorial for this. For the band, I braided 3 pieces of Mohair yarn. I glued a bead in the center of the flower. 
Check out my other crochet tiebacks here.

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