Monday, September 22, 2014

Updated Lamp Shades

I've been on a mission to update my master bedroom.. including the DIY Headboard, Nightstands and now I thought I'd update my old orange Ikea lamps that have been sitting in my garage.

I thought about purchasing different shades to replace the orange ones but I just couldn't find one I liked. 

I went to Walmart to find fabric so I can just cover it up. I also wanted to add fabric rosettes because I'm a girl and flowers are pretty :)

You'll need to trace the lamp shade first. I had this bright large pink poster paper.

Then lay it on your fabric and cut leaving 1 inch around to fold over.

Using spray adhesive, spray the fabric and lay the shades on top. Carefully attach pulling taut (having someone help is a good idea) to avoiding bubbles.

Fold fabric over edges of lamp.

Using the same fabric cut 1 - 1.5 inches on the edge and rip it. Ripping it gives it that pretty frayed look. I also used teal fabric to add a pop of color to the shades.

Knot one end and start twisting and gluing using fabric glue. Keep twisting and gluing as you go.

Attach flowers to shades using fabric glue.
NOTE: My lights will appear orange since the inside shade (original) is orange but I like the mood it sets :)

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