Monday, September 29, 2014

DIY Newborn Hat & Pant Set

I love this sweater. I love this color. I bought it at Target on clearance. I buy a lot of clearance items. Why not? Especially when they don't last long. Anyway, my husband pointed out that I had a hole in it... me so sad :(

The upside is, I was able to make some clothes for my baby's next photo shoot. I know my title says "newborn" however I made it to fit him & he's a small 2 month old (in a week).

For the hats, I pulled the sleeves over his head and they fit nicely so I was able to get 2 hats from the sleeves.

For the first one, I cut it right from the armpit area and tied two knots on top. No Sewing required! 

It still looked boring so I found a yellow T-Shirt I used for my son's Wolverine super hero cape & mask project. I cut a little square from the fabric. I also cut a little square of burlap removing some pieces off the edge. I decided to use the button from the sweater and the same color thread (brown) to attach it.

For the other hat, I cut it to the length I needed, turned it inside out and sewed a straight hem across. I actually forgot to move the original seam to the back of the hat before sewing. Luckily I cut it a little longer and was able to re do it! whew!

Turn the hat right side out. Then I cut a heart shape piece from the same yellow fabric & used the same thread to stitch around the heart. Cut a couple of pieces from the yellow fabric and tie it on the top corners to make little "ears".

Aren't they adorable?

For the pants, I used my baby's pants as a template. I cut the back part of the sweater. Sew the pieces leaving the bottom of the legs raw (I kinda like it like that). Added a drawstring from the same yellow fabric and I'm done!

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