Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Updated Nightstand


Several years ago, my mother in law bought a new bedroom set. She asked if we wanted her old set. Since we didn't have one, we took it. It's not really my style and I'm not a fan of wood colors, stained or not....

Many, many ages ago as a child, I thought that when I was old enough to live on my own, my home would be really neat and colorful and would look like it came out of the pages of a magazine... Silly me. I didn't realize I had to live with someone else (hubby) and kids... well, there's no "neat" with kids! 

When I first moved out, I moved into a small apartment with my husband (boyfriend at the time). We didn't have money to buy things which meant we took hand-me-downs. And don't get me wrong, I love hand-me-downs but I also love things that match... but nothing matched. Welcome to my reality. haha

Back to the bed set. I got tired of the headboard because when we started having kids, we would take the frame off to lower the bed (to avoid falls for my babies). We never put the headboard back.

Recently, my husband helped make this DIY Headboard. I'm so happy with it, I want to make at least one of our rooms look better. :)

Now that I'm on maternity leave with my 3rd baby boy... time to start doing something else before I run out of time especially since hubby is on leave too. I figured we would start with something small... the nightstands.

We decided to use spray paint for this project... I couldn't decide between so many colors I want to use! I went with white. Hubby came back with Heirloom White. I'm not too picky.

While my husband was sanding the nightstands, I removed the hardware. I hated these handles. It's the first thing I see and I cringe. Why? I don't know. I just don't like them... at all!

I won't be sad to see the handles go...
My kids would tie balloons to the handles. That's what those things are... lol

A little light sanding...

My little man helping with wiping the dust off.

After the first coat of paint, we felt it wasn't going to work out. So we bought flat white paint and painted over the spray paint. We did the same with the other nightstand so that they matched. I will probably use a primer first next time. I know you're supposed to use it for wood but we were trying to cheat. And I prefer spray paint too. 

Once the paint dried (the next day), I sanded the edges to give it that distressed old look.

After I cleaned off the dust, a couple of coats of matte clear spray paint was applied to the nightstands.

I haven't made it to the store for the hardware so I figured I'd paint the old ones (that I hate so much) and see how that works. I was planning to throw it away anyway. I spray painted it plain flat black (whatever I found in my husband's stash). 

It's not perfect but I'm happy with the results!

I even secretly love the handles! shhhhh! Now, I need to update my lamps! Another project? ;)
By the way, today is my birthday and I couldn't be happier with these as a "gift"!

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