Wednesday, November 12, 2014

DIY Christmas Tree Cone

You can use so many things to decorate a Christmas Tree Cone. For this tutorial, I chose to use yarn for these cones.


Poster paper ($1 at Dollar Tree)


You can choose to google "Christmas Tree Cone Template" but when I did that, it seemed like it was too much work. So I basically made a cone shape & glued it. I actually used clothes pin to hold it together for a few minutes (depends on what type of glue you're using).

Then cut the base so that it stands flat.

Start applying glue and wrapping yarn around the cone.

Once you get to the bottom, wrap it back up at different angles (kinda criss-crossing it). I just think this makes it prettier.

This is optional but I picked this up at the Dollar Tree and cut off pieces to decorate the tree. 

Stick it in!

I made 2 different sizes

For the red and silver one, I applied Elmer's glue to sections of the cone and sprinkled red & silver glitter (bigger glitter) on the cone.

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