Tuesday, November 25, 2014

DIY Paper Medallions

I'm getting ready for a cake smash session the day after Thanksgiving... Black Friday? haha j.k. I know what it is but I dare not go out into that chaotic mess!

Anyway, I've been slowly making these and hoping it will all go together well for the backdrop. 

In the past, I've made these without the scoring board but I'm so glad I bought one because it makes the project so much easier and faster!


12x12 Paper
Glue or Tape Runner
Scoring Board (Optional but highly recommended) 


I made several different sizes. I will refer to these sizes by the width of the strips. All strips are 12 inches lengthwise. The actual sizes of the medallions will be double the size of the width once put together. For example a 2" strip will make a 4" circle in diameter. 

4" strips = 1 12x12 sheet makes ONE Medallion. Cut into 4" strips for a total of 3 strips.

3" strips = 1 12x12 sheet makes TWO Medallions. Cut into 3" strips for a total of 4 strips. TWO strips make ONE medallion.  

2" strips = 1 12x12 sheet makes FOUR Medallions. Cut into 2" strips for a total of 6 strips. TWO strips make ONE medallion.

For this tutorial. I'm making the medallion using 4" strips. I will need 3 strips. The diameter of this medallion will be 8"

1. Score your paper. I scored every 1/2 inch. 

Scoring your 12x12 paper before cutting them into strips is much easier than cutting it first and then trying to score each strip! As you can see in the above and below photos, I didn't do that. Live and learn! haha.

If you don't have a scoring board, just make the best of it and use your hands to fold about 1/2 inches. 

2. Cut the 12x12 paper to desired size strips. Fold into a fan-like pattern.

Tip: Start the folding in opposite directions so they fit together when gluing.

3. Glue the pieces together. You may need to cut off a flap so they fit nicely. 

I started using a glue runner but ran out so for the remaining of the project, I used a hot glue gun which worked fine. In fact, using the glue gun is better for gluing the circle behind the medallion (step 5)

 4. Stand it up. 
Gather the top (like a teepee or cone shape). 
Push the center down.

5. Using another piece of  paper (I used a puncher to make a little circle from scrap paper). Apply glue (hot glue gun) and place it under the medallion in the center. Hold for a few seconds until glue is dry.

What the back looks like:

You can stack them or leave it as is but I cut more circles and glued it to the front. I find that it makes the medallion more stiff & less floppy.

Here's the little handsome fella using the backdrop

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