Saturday, January 3, 2015

DIY Diaper Cake


I remember when I was pregnant. I really wanted one of these diaper cakes. They're just so cute! So... I made myself one lol. Now I have the chance to make one for a baby shower. I hope she likes it! I found a tutorial here to make the kind that you don't have to roll each individual diaper.


Size 1 diapers (70-80)
3 Cake Pans (size 6, 8 & 10)* (I didn't have perfect size cake pans - see below for alternatives)
12" Cake Plate 
Rubber bands
Rod (or something to stick in the middle. I used the empty paper towel roll)
Decorations as desired


Start fanning the diapers with the largest cake pan along the outside.

Continue fanning and layering towards the middle. Hold diapers in place with a rubber band. 

Repeat for the other 2 pans.

Layer them like a cake and stick the rod in the middle to hold them still. 
I rolled up a diaper and shoved it in the top of the roll to cover it up.

*Once you have the rubber band on, you can adjust the size by adding more diapers to stretch it or squeezing it to make it smaller. I actually didn't have the recommended cake pan sizes so I used my round glass Pyrex bowls. They weren't the exact sizes I want so adjusting it after putting the rubber band on (and removing it from the pan) worked wonderfully for me. 

Add ribbons to cover rubber bands and have fun decorating it! 
I used hot glue gun to attach my ribbons.

I cut some circles out of cardstock and glued letters to it.

I tied the hat in place with some red tulle & attached a cute little plastic pacifier.

I topped mine off with a Crochet Hat & Booties set that I made.

Here's a photo of the baby 6 months later! He's sooooo adorable!

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