Monday, October 19, 2015

DIY Floral Crown

I had a senior session coming up and I really wanted to make a floral crown. I've been wanting to make one for a long time but just haven't gotten around to it and usually a photo shoot will inspire me to actually start making it happen! I found tons of tutorials but mostly, I wanted to look at different photos to see what I liked best.

I grabbed a few things at first and ended up at Joann's for more floral stuff. Luckily all the fall items were 60% off (scored!). I already have the wires and wire cutter & floral tape. I had thicker wire to use for the base (i'm not sure how long I've had that). 

I measured my head and gave it another inch so it would fit once I place the flowers on. 

There were tips about laying your floral items out before assembling. Since I had no idea what I was doing, the photo is not everything I used.

My first attempt was a disaster. My 14 month old was with me and he was tearing up the place (I should know better) but I had to take him with me to my craft room. He keep grabbing the flowers from me. unraveling my floral wires, throwing things at me.... etc. What was suppose to be a quick project ended up being 30 minutes long and barely half way done.

When I finally had time to do it alone on the weekend, my creative juices were flowing better! I ended up making two different ones because I didn't know what my senior was wearing or if she'd even like it...

I started with my largest flower. I used floral wire to attach the flowers and then wrapped it with floral tape. 

As you can see, half way through, I just added leaves... it wasn't my original plan but I really like it this way once I was done. It was probably the best choice since the flowers were huge.

I was pretty happy with the results even though it looked huge on my head. I always thought I had a big head but I guess I don't. I was so worried but when I put it on Miss D's head, it was perfect! The best part was she like it and she looked so great in it too ;)


Another one I made using fall colors. This one wraps all the way around with flowers.


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