Saturday, April 12, 2014

DIY eye patch for glasses

I recently found out I have Bell's Palsy. You can read about my story here. Since my eye isn't closing all the way, I needed an eye patch especially to protect it from the wind and dust. I bought a couple from the local drug store but it was very uncomfortable and bulky. This meant that I couldn't put my prescription glasses over the eye patch. 

I knew somewhere on Pinterest, I could find a tutorial and I did here. I made mine slightly bigger because the tutorial was made for a child. 

  • 3 small pieces of cloth - I used felt, canvas & pretty calico prints. 
  • Matching thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Binding
  • Draw out an almost tear drop/oval shape (see picture). Make sure to cut the 1 inch triangle shapes. I just printed the photo from Amanda's blog and used that making sure it was 5 inches long and 4 inches wide (Ignore the measurements on my picture. Those were the original measurements from Amanda). I pinned the template to my fabric (all 3 pieces) and cut them out at once. 
  • Trace the triangles on the piece that will be on your eye's side. 

Look at all the pretty prints. 

  • I found hair ties that I didn't want and cut those to use as the elastic bands. This will help your glasses hold the patches. 
  • Sew the 3 pieces of fabric together. 
  • Cut the elastic to fit on sides of patch. Pin and sew edges (You can do this at the same time as sewing your 3 pieces together).
  1. Pinch where the triangles were and sew. This makes a bump (cone shape?) so that it's not flat on your eyes. 
  • You can stop here or add binding. I really didn't want to deal with binding but it just looked unfinished. 

Viola! It's not perfect but it will do!

Okay so at first, I thought I could get away with using only two pieces of fabric which was a little flimsy and see through so when I made the 2nd one, I added the 3rd fabric which was much better! 

Why am I not smiling? Well, given that half my face won't move, I will definitely look like a pirate. I love the blue and yellow with the stars! If I have to wear a patch, I might as well make it the way I like it. 

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