Friday, April 17, 2015

Baby Giraffe Tag Toy

I wanted to make a giraffe toy for my baby. I have a lot of batting to use up. So I did a quick google search for a giraffe template. I really didn't like any I saw so I drew one myself. It was a lot harder than I thought! haha. This one was after I've given up after 3-4 failed ones.

Whatever. It wasn't going to be perfect anyway....

I also have lots of fat quarter pieces laying around. I love these because they're perfect for smaller projects like this!


Sewing Machine and thread


I folded the fat quarter pieces into 4 layers (to make 2 giraffes) from each fat quarter.

Lay the template on and trace or pin to fabric. My craft room is a MAJOR mess so I couldn't find my fabric pen. So... I just pinned it and cut around it slightly bigger for seam allowance.

With the right side of the fabric together, pin ribbons in between the two pieces. The below photos are just to show you what it looks like inside because you'd want to pin them all together.

When you pin them all together, it'll look like this:

Sew around leaving space (about an inch) to flip inside out. I used a pencil to push all the corners out.

So I left the bottom portion open to stuff it with batting. After stuffing it, the opening was hand sewn shut (I hate doing this part) and it looked horrible. Oh well.

When I worked on the second giraffe, I left the front open and did a much better job (still bad though)!

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