Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Upcycled Newborn Pants

I have a newborn session with a baby girl this weekend. I always try to make something new for each baby. I crocheted a few hats not sure what size would fit.

I also found a tutorial here (template included - yay!) for making newborn props out of sweaters. I've made a set of newborn props for my son's photos last year. I have a pink sweater that needs to be up-cycled so I decided to make a set. I only had time to make the newborn pants.

What you'll need:

Sewing Machine
Coordinating thread (which I didn't have!)
Yarn (drawstring)


So if you visit the site here, there's a free template you can print. I love people who share their talents and allows me inspiration and access to free tutorials. THANK YOU! ^_^

I was actually able to make one pants from one side of the sweater. I was disappointed when I finished but that was my own fault (you'll see why).

1) Cut out your sweater and fold

2) Fold sweater and pin template - Obviously, the side that says "fold" should be where the fabric is folded. Do this twice. You should have 2 pieces.

3) With the RIGHT side facing each other, pin the top side edges 

4) Sew those edges and trim excess fabric off.

5) Fold so the seam is now in front and back. Pin the inside leg edges and trim excess fabric.

6) Fold top down and pin. Sew around the waist.

7) I used a yarn needle to thread bulky yarn through. I thought maybe pretty lace would look cute but I couldn't find any.

So here is why I'm disappointed. When I thought I double checked to make sure my fabric was facing the right direction before my first sewing... I thought I was "good" so I never checked again as I'm too busy rushing and taking photos. When I finally finished, and stood back to look at it, I notice one side was different than the other side. This is why it's important you make SURE that BOTH sides of the RIGHT side of the sweater (fabric) is facing TOGETHER! UGH! Oh well. I will make this work. I am not taking it apart for sure! Lesson learned... kicking myself on the behind and maybe, just maybe, if I have time. I will make another since I only used one side of the sweater. I was hoping to use the other side as layering pieces.

Click here to see the tutorial on the hat & tieback :)

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