Monday, April 13, 2015

DIY Tablet Stand

Do you get tired of holding your tablet or phone when you just want to set it down and be hands free? Who doesn't, right?! Recently, I had to find creative ways to stand up our Samsung tablet for the boys. I've tried leaning it against Kleenex boxes, napkins & anything I could find. The tablet was once in a case that had its own stand but since my 2 year old has been dropping it (okay, he's throwing it) I had to buy a heftier case. The only thing that worked was a rice pack I had laying around. I knew there's a tutorial somewhere to make one using rice! Of course, thanks to Pinterest, I found tons!

I didn't have much time (as usual) with a crying baby strapped to my back. I was bouncing around trying to soothe him so I figured I'd just use my iPhone to take photos. 

I'll have to make another and post revised instructions because I wasn't completely happy with the end results. It works great for the Samsung Tab 2 but not so great with my iPad Air. 


12x9 Fabric (Fat quarters are perfect for little projects like this)
2-3 Cups Rice or Lentils or rice
Stuffing (I used batting from my Christmas "snow" photography set)
Extra Firm Pellon or what I used - Thick Scrapbook paper
Sewing Machine

Isn't this cute?


1) Fold the fabric with the wrong side in the outside. Press if you have time (I didn't). The fold will be on your left side.

2) Sew around the top and right side leaving a 1.5 inch gap on top left corner. Do not see the bottom. 

3) Open and flatten so the seam is now in the middle. 

4) Sew the bottom leaving a 1.5 inch opening on the right side. 

5) Turn it inside out so that the right side of the fabric is now on the outside. Use a chopstick (or pencil) to push out corners.

6) Measure up about 2 inches. I originally did 3 and I think it's too far up. Stick the Pellon or in my case, scrapbook paper folded in half for more thickness inside from the hole.

7) Pin in place. Sew around the strip to secure.

8) Stuff the front piece with batting. 

9) Hand sew the opening closed. I tried to run it through my machine but it wasn't happening! This is probably my least favorite thing to do because it took longer than I'd like. 

Isn't it cute how the word "Kitty" ended up right there?! I did not do this on purpose!

10) Fill the other portion with lentils or rice. I had rice in a ziplock bag and I just cut the corner. Here's what happened. A mess. I knew I would make a mess but I couldn't find my funnel!

Then I tried to MacGyver it and made a funnel with nearby scrapbook paper and a thumbtack. I still made a mess but it was better than before.

11) Stuff more batting before closing it up.

12) Hand sew hole shut (OMG, more hand sewing?!?)

Next time, I won't put the scrapbook paper piece so high up because it blocked my iPad and I don't think i need such a big piece.

It works well for the Samsung Tab 2

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