Friday, May 22, 2015

DIY Gift Bag

It's my little sister's birthday (Okay, it was a couple of days ago) and I made her a Crochet Slouch Beanie. I have tons of gift bags that I've saved to reuse but I wanted to make one just for her. I found a video tutorial here that uses two 12x12 scrapbook papers. Years ago when I thought I'd have time to make scrapbooks, I went a little crazy and bought tons of scrapbook paper. I've actually found good use for them even though I'm not scrap booking. I've used them to make cards, bunting & other crafts. 

I used double sided paper like they did and decided that I would make the edges prettier. I didn't reinforce the bottom of the bag because I know that the hat is very lightweight and it's not necessary.

I used a purple sheer ribbon that I purchased at the Dollar Tree awhile ago and purple tissue paper. The hat fit perfectly in the bag. I printed these cute labels from here

Again, the tutorial can be found here.

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