Thursday, September 17, 2015

DIY Ladder Ball Stand

So hubby wanted a ladder ball game for our camp trips. He purchased some balls on clearance and since it seemed pretty easy to make the stands, I did. The total cost for the PVC pipes were about $17 at Home Depot. I've seen them made in slightly different sizes but most of them were 2 feet  wide and 1 foot in between each level. I just went off this tutorial. Below is what I used for 2 stands.


5 - 10 foot 3/4" PVC pipes
12 Elbow Connectors 
12 "T" Connectors
PVC Cutter
Measuring Tape
Glue (if you plan to glue them together)
Spray Paint


Cut your PVC pipes in the following sizes

18 - 24 inch pieces (9 each stand)
12 - 12 inch pieces (6 each stand)

Mark your pipes and cut all the pieces. You'll ended up with an extra 24" piece.

My cute little helper. Okay, more like... destroyer! I sent his older brothers outside to play after dinner. So it's just me & him.

Put them together and you're done! Okay, I'm not done because I want to paint parts of it. 

I decided I don't want to glue them because we'll take them apart and put it in a bag to transport when we go camping.

When I finished them, little man thought it would be fun to push it around like a walker... I guess he's just practicing walking (on his knees!). Hopefully he'll master that soon!

Now, let's paint! When I searched, they were mostly primary colors - blue, yellow and red. I wanted to go with other colors ^_^ - Orange, Yellow and a lighter blue.

I was having some issues with wind blowing on my drop cloth and ruining the paint on the PVC... I didn't think this through and had to get the pipes off the ground using rocks. Guess we'll have color rock added back into our landscape!

Fun for my boys!

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