Friday, July 11, 2014

Pillow Mattress

I made this Pillow Mattress 2 years ago following this tutorial (dead link now! Boo!) 
I use it for my son's reading area is his bedroom. 
I pretty much followed the tutorial even shopping at Ikea! haha

The pillows were too soft. I purchased the pillows because they were $1.99 each! I have used them for batting too (stuffing crochet projects)!

You can use these pillows for so many things. 
They were easy to make if you use seams that are already on the sheets. 
There's very little hemming that way. 


  1. Do you happen to have more details from the tutorial you used? I can't seem to access it using the link you provided.

    1. Oh No! I just tried the link too... I'll need to update this post (soon!)

      When I purchased the sheets (twin Size)

      Lay it down and measure how long you need it to be (I laid my pillows on it leaving gaps between (because that's where you sew)

      The width needs to be doubled because it's folded over and sewn to create the pockets.

      Pin where you want to sew (between the pillow cases). If you want a more accurate measurement, measure the space required to hold one pillow and use that as a measurement for how big each space needs to be.

      I hope that makes sense. It's been so long since I made this I can't remember the details. It sucks that the link doesn't work Sorry!

    2. Thanks for the tips - I'll give it a try :)