Tuesday, July 8, 2014

DIY Fabric Yarn

I had a project in mind and headed to the local Goodwill. I found a large (King size maybe?) sheet for $2.  

My project was a complete fail so I had to come up with something else to do. What was it? I'm too upset to talk about it. Boo! Anyway....

I needed a crochet basket for my newborn photos in September. I had plenty of fabric from just a portion of the sheet to turn it into fabric yarn. 


Old sheets (or any fabric)
Stick (I used a chopstick)


Cut off the edges (hems).

Cut a slit about 1.5 inches wide and start tearing (don't tear completely to other end!). Stop about 1.5 inches from edge. 

Measure 1.5 inches from where you tore. 

Repeat the tearing process (my favorite part!) getting one long piece (it will be in a zig zag ish shape). 

Tie one end to the stick and wrap it around twisting fabric as you wrap. 

Update 7.10.14 - I found that rolling it on a stick and twisting it wasn't working for me. So i just rolled it into a ball for the additional fabric I need to complete my project. It's really a personal preference. :)

Tada! I had to use something for contrast. The fabric is the same color as my carpet! 

Now I need to start my crochet bowl. 

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