Saturday, August 30, 2014

Footprint Shadow Box

Newborn stages are so busy (especially if you have other kids) that by the time things settle down and I want foot or hand prints for keepsakes, they're already too big!

Here's a cute little shadow box keepsake I saw on Pinterest a long time ago. I loved the idea of stitching for the heart but I didn't have much time. 


Shadow box 
Paper (I used thick card stock) 
Something hard to use behind paper (I used my stamp block)
Baby wipes for cleaning
Something to cut the paper
Stickers (or you can write the name)


I measured the size of the shadow box. It was 4.5x4.5 inches. I bought these ages ago from the Dollar Tree. We actually used Velcro to attached little toys and hung them up. 

Cut the paper. Mine needed to be 4.5x4.5 inches. 

Using the ink, dab ink on baby's foot. Put the block behind the paper and press foot firmly on paper. Do the same for other side. Don't forget to angle the feet in a heart shape (if that's what you want). I think plain footprints would be just as cute! Clean the foot with baby wipes. Comes right off!

Using a pencil lightly draw a heart shape around the feet. I don't trust myself to go straight to the pen! And good thing too. I messed up the heart! Trace the heart with the pen. You can write the name below too but I decided to use stickers. 

Viola! So cute. I'm so glad I didn't forget to do this. 

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