Friday, August 29, 2014

DIY Canvas (Engineer Prints & Foam Boards)

My first attempt at the DIY Canvas was using an actual canvas. See the tutorial here. I saw a few different methods using foam boards. Since the foam boards come in a 4x8 size, there's more freedom to cut it to the size you want for your photos.


Engineer Prints
1" Insulating Foam Board
Adhesive Spray
Clear Coating Spray 3M Picture Hanger (Something to hang it)

Large Engineer Prints - I print my photos from Staples. They come in paper thin black & white only. The largest size at 36 x 48 is only $7.29. You can upload your photos online and pick it up at the nearest Staples.

I printed several photos in different sizes. For this tutorial, I'm going to use the largest photo which is 3x4 feet.

Insulating Foam Board - Home Depot has different thickness foam boards. These are the insulating foam boards that you can find in the isle with all the insulation products. The 1" is about $11 and it comes in a 4' x 8' size.

My husband had to cut it down in order to transport it so I asked him to cut two 3x4 pieces because one photo is a 3x4 & 2 of them are 2x3s.

I searched all over the blog world to see if anyone mentioned peeling the foil off. No one I found mentions it. I decided to peel it off because I've seen these fall off in the store and I'd hate for my photo to start peeling off!

We had to cut it down to size because I wanted to fold the photo over the edges instead of painting it black as other bloggers do (As I did before with the other DIY Canvas). I took about 3 1/2 inches of the short edges and 6 3/4 inches off the long edges.

We tried the bread knife... It wasn't as clean as I'd like it. :(

So hubby got out his tools. It was much better :)

Adhesive Spray - Using the adhesive spray, I laid the photo on top of the foam and started with sections as hubby held onto the other side. This is much easier to use than modge podge which I've tried before and made a mess.

Then I sprayed the edges and folded the photo around to the back starting with the short edges. 

Clear Coating Spray - I don't think this is necessary because most people don't use it but I had a can and figured it wouldn't hurt! You just spray it right over the photo. I used 2 coats. 

3M Picture Hanger - I guess there are many ways to hang this up but I decided to give the 3M Picture Hanging products a try.

Attach it to all 4 corners per instructions.

Not too bad! Now I just need to hang it up!

It looks small in this photo but it's so big in person! I love it!


  1. Thank you for pointing out that you took off the foil. I've been wondering.

    Btw just noticed my "Underpants" name. I'm thinking it was a gift from my kids :(

    1. HAHA I like "Mrs. Underpants" :) and you're welcome. I sat there wondering "to peel or not to peel" as I searched online for help... I know it must be common sense but I wanted to see it written somewhere haha.